Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Just a Country Girl at Heart!

Hi my name is Kathy and I am a wife to my wonderful husband Doug with whom I have been in love with for the last 28 years and a mother to eight wonderful children which I have the privilege of raising for the King the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have been homeschooling for the last 14 years and it has been a growing experience and the old saying that you are always learning is so true!

My daughter Rebecca and I racked our brains on what to name my new blog. I have always desired to live in the country and the things that I really wanted to blog about, were about all of the many things that I have always admired about country living and about the many skills that I wanted to learn.

I will be 47 this year and I realized that there is still so much that I want to learn and do. Life is passing by and I thought I need to get moving :)

I always loved watching Little House on the Prairie! I loved the idea of baking bread, quilting, sewing, gardening and cooking a good home cooked meal. I always dreamed of having my own fruit orchard.( Hmmm. Apples wouldn't that be wonderful!) I love making apple pie and apple sauce how much more rewarding it would be to just go out and pick our own apples :)

Well the Lord has me living in the suburbs so this is were I must be content :) But I still can learn new things .

So I want to invite you to come along and follow me in my journey of a life time of learning!

My daughter is working on designing a title picture and decorations for my blog, which hopefully will be up very soon!


  1. It's nice seeing you have a blog now! I love reading Rebecca's blog and I have one even though I don't blog anymore. Right mow I have a lot of school and facebook has come in handy with that. I was a homeschooler from the 8th through the 12th grade and enjoyed it very much. Your daughter's blog posts are encouraging and I look forward to your posts!

  2. Welcome to the blog world :) I was so excited when Rebecca told me you were getting a blog as well. She has been such a blessing to me!
    I love watching Little House on the Prairie too :)

  3. Thank you both Ladies, I am glad that you enjoy my daughter Rebecca's blog she is a great blessing to me as well. I hope that you will be blessed my blog as well. God Bless

  4. Hi Kathy, I'm Kristy :) homeschooling mom to 4 girls. My 16 year old daughter began following your daughters Blog a few months ago and it has been inspirational to her. Thus I began following your daughter too. lol :) I too am a country girl at heart. We are renting in a subdivision right now but are in prayer to buy land in the next couple of years. I too love the things you do. I look forward to getting to know you better. *hugs*

    Kristy @ Raising Godly Daughters: One mom's journey


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