Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have a question for you all...

(image courtesy of Gasoline Alley Antiques)

I volunteered for our annual Ladies banquet coming up and I was asked if I had any ideas for some party favors.

The theme is going to be picnics. There will be the checkered table clothes and mason jars with cut flowers for the center pieces.

Sounds so cute! I was thinking of making pin wheels. What do you all think of that? Does this go with the picnic theme?

Does any one have any other ideas? I appreciate any suggestions.

Have a wonderful day! God Bless, Kathy


  1. Pinwheels would be perfect and goes really well with the theme, you could also give out small totebags or frisbees would go with the picnic theme.

  2. Thanks for the ideas I like the frisbees Idea too:)


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