Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Testimony

Gods Amazing Grace

 God can truly change a life.  I was born in the year of 1963.  My parents had immigrated  to the United States  as a young couple from the country of Canada.  I was raised in the North East of the US. with a brother who was two and a half years my junior.  I grew up attending a Catholic Church.  My parents were devout Catholics so we were raised to faithfully attend church, and were taught the Catholic doctrines.  I graduated in 1982 and went on to hair dressing school in 1983.

In 1986 I married a young man from my home town.  My husband and I started our lives like every other young couple with dreams and hopes for the future.  In 1989 we were blessed with our first child, a daughter Rebecca, and then in 1991 we brought home our son Brandon.  As children came into our home so did struggles in our marriage.  Little did we know what God had planned for our future.

In 1992 I met a woman through an ad in the paper for a job with Princess House.  Through this we developed a friendship.  One day as we were visiting she began to talk to me about the end times and the book of Revelation.  She told me things that I had never heard before.  By the time my husband came home from work that night I was in tears.  I told him some of what I had heard, and that I did not want our children to go to hell.  The next day he went to work and spoke to a friend that he knew who attended a Baptist church. He told my husband to have me read the book of John.  As I began reading the Bible for the very first time in my life I realized that there was a lot that I did not know about God.

I began to pray and to ask God to show me the truth!  I  attended several other churches seeking for the truth.  In October of 1992 my husbands friend from work invited me to attend a service at Central Baptist Church. I decided to go to the service, it  was like nothing I had every seen or heard before.  As I left the church for home I was given a track to read. That night I opened my Catholic Bible and began reading the book of Revelation.  I read the track.  God showed me my sin,and I prayed that night and asked God to forgive me and to cleanse me of my sin.  I trusted what Christ did for me on the cross of Calvary , and my life has never been the same.

Since that night in the fall of 1992 God has changed my life forever!  My husband received Christ a month later and we began attending Central Baptist Church . For the first time in our lives we began studying Gods word and experiencing the wonderful fellowship with our heavenly Father.  In the fall of 2012 it will be 20 years since we took that step of faith and our lives have truly been transformed.  In Genesis 1:27 the Bible says that we were created in the image of God.  As we continue to read in Genesis we find that God has a desire to have fellowship with man kind.  When sin entered into the world that relationship was severed.  In Gods great mercy He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, who died on the cross to take our punishment (Romans 6:23).  Through that great love we can have our relationship restored with our heavenly father.  The Bible says in Romans 10:9  “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”  The day I trusted Christ as my Savior truly was the greatest day of my life!

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