Saturday, April 28, 2012

Homesteading Dreams........

My husband and I recently watched a DVD series titled "Homesteading for Beginners" . Our local library happen to have these and my husband came upon them and brought them home. We loved them! My husband and I would love to live in the country. That has been one of our dreams for a long time.

One of the things that we truely enjoyed, was that the family all worked together! They have five children and the children were working right beside their parents. They are teaching DVD's showing everything from milking cows, raising chicks, butchering those grown up chickens, butchering and canning the meat from their farms and their neighbors, making cheese, butter and the likes! A lot of work but also a lot of fun!

When I have put these DVDs' on during the day my children flock to the TV and watch intently proclaiming "Mommy we want to have some chicks" !

My husband and I do not live in the country. We are living in a small community where we are not allowed to have livestock like chickens, or cows. We know that we are were the Lord wants us right now so that is the best place to be. :)

The things that we are allowed is to have a vegetable garden. We enlarged our garden this year and learned a few tips from these DVD's so we are hoping to have a plentiful harvest. Lord willing :)

Hence the name of my Blog "I'm Just A Country Girl at Heart" . I do have a lot of idea's floating around in my head of some things I would like to try, and do with my children this summer.

I hope to share those Ideas this summer through this blog!

I found these DVDs' at Bulk Herb Store another great source for do it yourself ideas.

Photo taken from Bulk Herb Store

So if you have a little Homesteading desire in your heart check out these DVDs'

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