Sunday, April 22, 2012

Making Butter!

This past week we made some butter! 
You know the old fashion way.
Well they probably did not use a glass canning jar to make butter
but we discovered through some books we were studying
about "Colonial Times" that we could make our own butter, so we
decided to give it a try. 

First we purchased some heavy whipping cream.  Took a glass
canning jar with lid and ring (you could use any jar with a lid)
We poured in the heavy cream and started to shake the jar.

Thankfully we have five  younger children who could share in the
in the shaking.

We passed it around and kept shaking!  This went on for
about 40 mins!  We were at the point of giving up and throwing
it into a mixer when all of a sudden we began to see the butter
seperating from the buttermilk!  
This really was pretty cool! 
We then had to drain the buttermilk from the butter
Stephanie then took the butter and began to rinse it in cold water
to remove the excess milk

When we finished we formed it and wrapped it in plastic wrap
We placed it in the fridge and we had some awsome butter!

Aside from the butter we also had some buttermilk left.
I had purchased some store bought buttermilk that was
cultured so I took about a 1/2 cup of the cultured buttermilk
and poured it in the buttermilk that we had.
I left it out on the counter  in a glass jar over night and in the morning
the butter milk had thickened! 

Of course we had to make some buttermilk pancakes that night and
try our fresh made butter!  Yum add a little bit of maple syrup
and what a great tasty treat!

Now my children want to make butter every week!
I think we need a cow!
If only .............. well we can dream :)

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  1. awwww, good to see you blogging again mom!! Keep it up!!

    great post, loved the photos!!


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