Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some More Great Savings!

I went to our local Walgreen with coupons in hand and I was able to get some great deals last week !

I bought 2 Gillette Gamer mens razors for .04 each! They were on clearance and I had a 4.00 coupon for each of them.

I also bought 2 packages of FriXion erase-able pens for .19 each package.

My best deal was for the FriXion erase-able highlighters. They were on sale for 1.19 each pkg and Walgreen had a 1.00 off coupon so they came out to .19 cents each same as above for the pens. What made this deal even better was the package had a 4.50 rebate on the back if I bought 3 of them. So I have the rebate in the mail and I will actually make money on this deal :)

Trying to be frugal sure is fun :) It does take some time and planning though but some times the rewards can be worth the work.

Money Saving Mom or Living Rich with Coupons are a great place to start for some ideas on some great tips.

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  1. Awesome deals mom! I LOVE those FriXion pens!!!


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