Friday, April 2, 2010

Frugality It is so much fun!

Well one of the things that I have been trying to learn is shopping more wisely. Last week at Shoprite (our local grocery store) I did very well I was so excited!

My receipt said that I saved a total of $170.00 after sale prices and coupons. I had quite a few many which were doubled. Love those .75 cent coupons :)

In the picture up top I was able to get the 4 tubes of toothpaste for free, I received 12 boxes of Smart taste Pasta for free, 4 Snuggles dryer sheets for free, 4 bags of No Yokes egg noodles for free, 1 dozen eggs for free too, in the end I spent a total of $51.00.

There are many websites that I like to frequent for deal ideas and coupons here are a few.
Living Rich with Coupons
Money Saving Mom

This year I thought I would learn a little more so I purchased a book from Coupon Mom .
She had a lot of good ideas which have helped me.

I know that there are a lot of young ladies that frequent my daughter Rebecca's blog and I must say that learning this important skill while you are still young can be such a blessing to you in the future. What husband would not be happy if his wife was frugal and spent his hard earned money wisely. :)

I hope to continue to keep learning more tips in my Frugal journey ;)

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